Lilith 'Lily' Campbell


I see dead people…. No, really, I see dead people. And not just people either… fallen friends, ancestors, enemies, strange creatures who have never walked this earth, and yes, even monsters. I thought I was crazy, everyone thought I was crazy, seeing and hearing things, talking to “myself”. shakes head If only I had known, how many years, how much suffering and skirting madness… but, I am here and I have a purpose.


Homid, Theurge, White Howler

Lupus Form: Pure white coat, large wolf.

Hailing from Allenspark, CO Lilly was raised by her ’dey (grandfather) who taught her the rote, “family, honor, duty” from an early age. Living so close to nature she learned to value,


Lilith 'Lily' Campbell

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