The following below are the 13 Playable Tribes of the Rockies including the White Howlers. Only the Red Talon of the Garou Nation are not available to play.

BLACK FURIES (W20 pgs. 80-81)

Defenders of the wild places and fierce warriors for their fellow women. Most Black Furies are female; the only males in their tribe are metis.

Black Furies of the Rockies

Colorado preserves a lot of their Wyld places with regulated city expansions and several national parks, which suits the Black Furies just fine. The Amazons came to Colorado for a chance to preserve the Wyld areas and succeeded, their influence on Colorado History is well known. From the stories of the tough women ranchers, to the only recorded High Noon Gunfight in Denver to their members who were part of the Suffragettes, along with other progressive Tribes the Child of Gaia and Glass Walkers, helped Colorado being the first state in the United States to allow women to vote.

Colorado has been a bastian of the Black Furies for over a hundred years and is not leaving anytime soon.

Black Furies are one of the most populist Tribes and Kin in Colorado


The Furies can be seen all over the State especially in the Front Range, Boulder, Greeley and Denver.

Appearance: Furies with strong Pure Breed have particularly dark fur in Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus, often with white, gray, or silver highlights. Pure Breed is rarer among Fury metis, as their fathers are inevitably of other tribes.
Character Creation: Black Furies have a proud martial
tradition, and encourage training in Brawl or Melee. Survival, Occult, and Rituals are also common among those entrusted with the Wyld places.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Breath of the Wyld, Man’s Skin, Heightened Senses, Sense Wyrm, Wyld Resurgence
Tribal Weakness: ANGER: -1 Difficulty to enter Frenzy when provoked by a Male.


BONE GNAWERS (W20 pgs. 82-83)

As the best-informed tribe, the Bone Gnawers are consummate spies. Members live in poverty, and have a casual regard for Garou traditions.

Bone Gnawers of the Rockies

Other Tribes have flourished as well, the Bone Gnawers have also made residence in the city possibly the second biggest Tribe size in Mile High. The old belief that the Bone Gnawers take the scraps the Glass Walkers leave behind seem to push this belief. As the Urban Sprawl of Denver seems to make the Urban wolves of the city grow. The Bone Gnawers can be found everywhere in the city with their concentrations found from Colfax to the 16 Street Mall. Even though the Glass Walker’s City Farmers may have reclaimed and turned old buildings into new urban areas for the wealthy they still have not been able to displace the Bone Gnawers who hold onto what they believe is their territory for years. This ironically has created strong tension between the Glass Walkers and the Bone Gnawers some say for the Heart of the City.
Not that the Bone Gnawers are just in the cities but out in the Wilderness and Hills the Bone Gnawers have set up shop in their small mountain towns.


No one knows the true number of the Bone Gnawers in Colorado, but they seem to be found everywhere.


From Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and many small mountain towns as well, the Gnawers are found everywhere but Larkspur. The Fianna of Larkspur keep them out.

Appearance: Bone Gnawers’ wolf appearance is ragged, often mismatched or particolored; some can be mistaken for dogs at a distance, though even a Gnawer who looks something like a yellow dingo is clearly an animal that was never tame. Their blessings as Garou make them surprisingly healthy in comparison to impoverished humans: most have strong (if crooked) teeth and wiry muscle under the dirt.
Character Creation: Bone Gnawers have a penchant for Traits that represent adaptability, such as Stamina, its, and Manipulation, and Abilities such as Survival. Ancestors and Pure Breed are restricted Backgrounds; Resources are discouraged.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Resources are discouraged; Ancestors and Pure Breed are restricted.
Beginning Gifts: Cooking, Desperate Strength, Resist Toxin, Scent of Sweet Honey
Tribal Weakness: SOCIAL OUTCASTS: +1 Social Rolls when dealing with other Tribes.


CHILDREN OF GAIA (W20 pgs. 84-85)

The most moderate tribe, the Children of Gaia nurture what little the Wyrm has not corrupted and often speak out on humanity’s side.

Child of Gaia of the Rockies

When people enter Denver area they hear about the “Independent Republic of Boulder”, which is not too far from the truth. The home of the University of Colorado is also where the Children of Gaia claim their land. The often hippy to hipster art culture of the area has been a reflection of the Children of Gaia for decades. The Children of Gaia have mixed feelings with the Garou Glass Walker central ruling of Denver. Denver has controlled their growth not expanding as much as it could have, but the Weaver they believe has set its roots in the city. The Glass Walkers talk of tolerance, which attract the Child of Gaia but they are weary of the city that attracts the Glass Walkers in droves.


Children of Gaia have a large populace but keep it sparingly in their territories.


Child of Gaia can be found about everywhere in the state but the more liberal cities and areas like Boulder, Greely. Manitou Springs, Alamosa, Pueblo etc is where they flourish the most. They are in Denver and Colorado Springs but only in select areas.

Appearance: Strong Children of Gaia Pure Breed usually manifests as a white dappling on a gray or brown coat. The most renowned Children have a calm and serene bearing that can be intimidating in its own right.
Character Creation: Many Children of Gaia stress Social Traits at least a little, in order to make themselves heard.
They don’t neglect their combat skills, but Abilities such as
Empathy, Leadership, Streetwise, Performance and Etiquette are all valued.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Brother’s Scent, Jam Weapon, Mercy, Mother’s Touch, Resist Pain
Tribal Weakness: WEAK VEIL: Witnesses are +4 on the Delirium Chart


FIANNA (W20 pgs. 86-87)

Originally of Celtic descent, the Fianna hold on to a lust for both celebration and battle, wherever they are in the world.

Fianna of the Rockies

The Fianna came with their Irish Immigrants that helped found the city of Denver laying down the tracks that brought the early Iron Riders (today’s Glass Walkers) to the city. All throughout Denver the strong Irish influence of the city is well known from the art, culture and even the popular microbrews of the area.
Colorado and especially Denver celebrate their Celtic and Galeic roots every year in several festivals especially in Estes Park and the Renaissance Festival that is held in the heavily Fianna populated town of Larkspur.


Fianna have one of the largest number of Homid Kin Folk in Colorado second only to the Glass Walker.


Fianna can be found in every city and area in Colorado they have their biggest influences in Larkspur, where the Fianna leadership lives and in Estes Park along with the White Howlers, but they can be found in large numbers in Denver and Colorado Springs as well.

Appearance: Fianna Pure Breed manifests itself as shining red or black fur, and often surprisingly large Lupus form. Fianna often use Gifts to make their eyes glow green, and teach their cubs to howl with beautiful eloquence.
Character Creation: The Fianna are a social tribe, and strong Social Traits are common among them. They encourage most members to at least dabble in Performance.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: No restrictions, but Kinfolk is recommended.
Beginning Gifts: Faerie Light, Hare’s Leap, Persuasion, Resist Toxin, Two Tongues
Tribal Weakness: LOW SELF CONTROL: All Willpower Rolls are +1 Difficulty


GET OF FENRIS (W20 pgs. 88-89)

Dedicated to the Wyrm’s destruction, the Get are savage and bloodthirsty warriors who take great pride in their Germanic and Scandinavian heritage.

Get of Fenris of the Rockies

The Get of Fenris have grown of late in Denver with the rise of a more militant base in the city. They control parts of Arvada as their very own. The Get of Fenris followed their immigrants to Denver as did the Fianna and some Get claim they were in Denver before its name. The Get of Fenris feel that the Glass Walkers and the Native Tribes perverted the land. They have fought against the Natives of the land of the Uktena and Wendigo decent and drove out the massive growing Asian populace during the 1880s in the afternoon of October 31st. This celebration is still remembered to this day to the anger of the Stargazers, Asian Glass Walkers and Uktena of the city. No surprise the growing militia and Neo Nazi movements in Denver and surrounding areas one would find the Get of Fenris. Now not to say all Get of Fenris are antigovernment Neo Nazi thugs, but there are a lot of them.

The Get of Fenris believe it is their duty to protect the lands especially those south of Colorado and Northern New Mexico from the Wyrm creatures that have come out of the corrupt areas of the State. Their vigilance although at times over aggressive have more than once protected the Septs of Colorado.


The Get have a small but militant numbers in Colorado.


The Get seem to have set shop closest to the borders around the San Luis Valley much to the dislike of the Utes of the Wendigo Tribe and Pueblo and Navajo of the Uktena.

Appearance: Strong Fenrir blood manifests as huge gray wolf forms with broad shoulders and vicious jaws. There are precious few Get whose hides aren’t marked with scars and tattoos. Some even brand their fur or ceremonially carve runes into their flesh.
Character Creation: The Fenrir naturally stress combat
and survival Traits. They almost never purchase Contacts:
they want true friends, not associates.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Contacts are discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Lightning Reflexes, Master of Fire, Razor Claws, Resist Pain, Visage of Fenris
Tribal Weakness: INTOLERANCE: The Player must define a specific Intolerance at Character Creation Time (with Storyteller Approval). Wyrm creatures (Banes, Fomori, Vampires, Black Spiral Dancers, etc.) cannot be chosen as they are considered ‘give mes’.
Examples: Cowardice, Compromise, Lower Animals, Weakness, Women, etc.
(Get of Fenris cannot take the Intolerance Flaw)


GLASS WALKERS (W20 pgs. 90-91)

The ultimate urban predators, the Glass Walkers take the war against the Wyrm into the boardroom and the skyscraper — though other Garou do not trust them.

TRIBE NAME of the Rockies

The city’s Sept is run by the Glass Walkers and their leader Maxillion Hardcastle, they have been control of the city since they lead the Vampire Culling in 1979. Today the Weaver is just an intertwined in the city especially the World Wide Web through out. The Glass Walkers claim this city is a Utopia of Garou Glass Walker City Design, controlled city expansion. Their City Farmers Camp are reclaiming of old forgotten sections recycling them making them anew. The Corporate Wolves Camp control DTC area, an area mixed with business buildings and greenery through out. Their Random Interrupt Camp is rumored to run the mysterious World Wide Web, where it is rumored there is a gateway to another realm of the Umbra. Let not the Glass Walkers fool you, their Wise Guy Camp also rule the city’s underworld as they battle with control against the Silver Fang Russian Mafia and the Shadow Lords amongst others.

Regardless it is the Random Interrupts that are said to truly embrace the strands of the digital web in the city. It was the fledging Random Interrupts and the Corporate Wolves led by Maximillion Hardcastle that brought the evil vampire Queen Marianna Wayneright to her death for all the death she had caused against the Garou. It is something the Glass Walkers are proud of, but the hatred of some of the other Tribes can be seen. As more Glass Walkers seem to be arriving the more many of the other Tribes have grown uncomfortable.


Glass Walkers are the most numerous Tribe and Kin Folk in Colorado as Glass Walkers have been immigrating to Colorado since the 1980’s.


Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo, etc. If it is a city or town they are they are there. Denver is their powerbase and the Mile High Caern is theirs even though they share openly with all the other Tribes. Only the Red Talons have not taken them up on the offer.

Appearance: Glass Walkers have the easiest time blending in with other humans, but even they have a predatory presence that bleeds through from time to time. They have no Pure Breed, and their wolf forms are frequently mottled, multicolored, or brindled.
Character Creation: Glass Walkers favor modern skill sets, such as Drive, Firearms, and Computer. Mentor is a discouraged Background: the Glass Walkers don’t believe much in the old ways. Their restricted Backgrounds are Pure Breed (which they stopped cultivating centuries ago) and Ancestors (their lack of interest in the past has eroded their spiritual ties to its wisdom). Most have at least a dot or two of Resources.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Ancestors and Pure Breed are restricted; Mentor is discouraged. Most have at least a dot or two in Resources.
Beginning Gifts: Control Simple Machine, Diagnostics, Persuasion, Plug and Play, Trick Shot
Tribal Weakness: WEAVER AFFINITY: Cannot Regain Gnosis in the Wilderness.


SHADOW LORDS (W20 pgs. 94-95)

Cunning, deceptive, and domineering, the Shadow Lords have a burning drive to lead the whole Garou Nation.

Shadow Lords of the Rockies

Golden and Arvada seem to have a strong ties of control for the Shadow Lords especially around 68th and Wadsworth. Denver’s large German population has the Shadow Lords having control of the most territory of the area other than their main rivals the Glass Walkers. The Shadow Lords and the Glass Walkers don’t get along especially with the rise of the Sept Theurge, a Metis known as Ghost-In-The-Web. The Get of Fenris agree as they believe the Glass Walker Theurge should had been killed at birth. It is believed that the Glass Walker Theurge’s father may have been a Get of Fenris. Regardless the Shadow Lords are the biggest rivals of the Glass Walkers for the power of the Sept and Caern in all business both legitimate and underworld.

Ironically it is not the city that brings the Shadow Lords to Colorado, but the unpredictable thunderstorms out on the Plains that have called the Shadow Lords to the area. Their Theurges it is said believe that this is a sign of Grandfather Thunder calling his children to the area. Other tribes dismiss such beliefs especially the Glass Walkers.


Not as numerous as other Tribes they still have a considerable influence in the area.


Denver, Colorado Springs and the Plains.

Appearance: Shadow Lords with high Pure Breed often lean toward the saturnine in all forms. In Lupus form, they are notably thick and stocky, with the dark coats that reflect their tribal name.

Character Creation: Shadow Lords believe in being well-rounded, though they’re particularly prone to stress Mental Attributes and Manipulation. They favor a wide variety of Abilities, particularly those dealing with guile and persuasion. Allies and Mentor are discouraged Backgrounds; Shadow Lords generally prefer to hold associates at arm’s length.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: Allies and Mentor are discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Aura of Confidence, Fatal Flaw, Seizing the Edge, Shadow Weaving, Whisper Catching
Tribal Weakness: FAILURE’S DAGGER: -1 to Renown for Failure


SILENT STRIDERS (W20 pgs. 96-97):

Exiled from their homeland, the Silent Striders travel constantly. Many learn the secrets of the physical or spiritual world on their journeys.

Silent Striders of the Rockies

The Silent Striders other than the Red Talon have the lowest numbers in Colorado, unlike the Red Talon who were nearly wiped out by the Vampire Queen, Marianna Wayneright’s and the Wyrm’s culling of the wolves, the Striders lost their homeland years ago. If any Tribe outside of the Native Tribes of the Uktena and Wendigo understand the Red Talons pain it is the Striders, who were driven from their homeland by the Vampires thousands of years ago.

One of their Ragabash was the one that came up with the plan to save the Red Talon when the Culling began and to this day the Talons have not forgotten (even if it was a coward’s move). Striders can be seen all over the state, but maybe it is one Strider at a time. They seem to be seeking something but no one knows what and no roots at any of the Caerns except the Garden of the Gods Caern in Colorado Springs, where one of their elders lives.


Maybe no more than 10-15 if that in the State.


No known location or stronghold.

Appearance: No matter where they were born, Silent
Striders are almost universally lean and fit from constant travel.
Those with high Pure Breed have long, ean wolf forms that resemble the jackals of ancient Egyptian art, and Crinos forms reminiscent of the Egyptian deity Anubis. Sleek black coats and yellow eyes are also a mark of high Strider Pure Breed.

Character Creation: Silent Striders tend to be lean and
hardy rather than thick and bulky. They pick up a wide variety of Abilities in their travels. Resources is a discouraged Background; Ancestors is restricted, thanks to the Curse of Sutekh.
Initial Willpower:3
Backgrounds: Ancestors is restricted; Resources is discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Heaven’s Guidance, Sense Wyrm, Silence, Speed of Thought, Visions of Duat
Tribal Weakness: HAUNTED: Stepping Sideways Botch attract Ghosts.


h3.Silver Fangs (W20 pgs. 98-99)

The hereditary rulers of the Garou Nation, their careful maintenance of royal blood has led to inbreeding and the taint of madness.

Silver Fangs of the Rockies

With the massive size of the Urban Sprawl make no mistake the other tribes have strong and powerful influence in the city. The Silver Fangs have set up residence in The Cherry Hills area, a private area gated from the rest of Denver for the old and wealthy, while many of the wealthy Garou may set up residence there it is no argument that the Cherry Hills and Cherry Creek area are Silver Fang territory. The surrounding area around the Governor’s Mansion known as Washington Park is a disputed area between the Glass Walker, Silver Fangs and the Shadow Lords.

The central of the Silver Fang’s power is the former Garou stronghold of Colorado Springs, when Marianna Wayneright was the Queen of Denver, it was the Silver Fangs that led the charge to make Colorado Springs the staging ground for the Garou in Colorado by establishing (according to the Uktena and Wendigo stole) the Garden of the Gods Caern. When the Glass Walker with their covert war against Marianna was revealed the Silver Fang helped lead the charge to dispose of the Vampire, but found themselves outwitted by the Glass Walker in the end, who took Denver for themselves revealing a Caern none knew existed that was more powerful than the Caern found in the Garden of the Gods area.

Since then the Silver Fangs and the Glass Walker have battled for the power of Colorado with the Glass Walkers winning (for now).


The Silver Fangs have a good number of their homid and kin folk in Colorado, but their lupus are rare.


Colorado Springs is where their stronghold is.

Appearance: Silver Fangs are of aristocratic human stock, and tend to have strong family resemblances within their bloodlines. Their wolf forms have clean silver or white coats, long jaws and full tail brushes. They are fond of jewelry and ornately worked equipment as a sign of their status.

Character Creation: Silver Fangs stress the necessity of leadership, and consequently they are prone to have strong Social Attributes and corresponding Abilities. Many Silver Fang characters spend freebie points on extra Backgrounds to represent inherited resources and connections; all must spend at least three Background points on Pure Breed to qualify for the tribe. All Silver Fangs must choose one of the Two Lodges and one of the surviving Seven Houses listed below.

Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: All Silver Fangs must purchase at least 3 dots of Pure Breed.
Beginning Gifts: Eye of the Falcon, Falcon’s Grasp, Inspiration, Lambent Flame, Sense Wyrm
Tribal Weakness: DERANGEMENT: Every Silver Fang has a derangement he/she can overcome temporarily. The madness is chosen by the player but the Storyteller has final approval. Examples: Fugue, Manic Depression, Obsession, etc. See (W20 pgs. 485-486) for a list of more derangements.
(Silver Fangs cannot take the Derangement Flaw)

Serving as an official declaration of focus and intent, every Silver Fang is expected to choose one of the two Lodges soon after their First Change. Some delay this decision and others refuse to ever make it, but such a refusal hampers their progress in the rank and tribal positions. If they cannot prove their commitment to the principles espoused by a Lodge, they cannot be trusted with the commitments of an important sept post or a responsible role in the tribe.

Lodge of the Moon
The first Fang Lodge, created to win back the love of Luna and gain her forgiveness for the tribe’s allegiance to Helios, the Lodge of the Moon still focuses predominantly on the esoteric: spiritual and mystical matters, emotions, and the morale of its king’s subjects. Insight and intuition are the tools of Luna’s Lodge, and while most of its members are homid, the majority of the tribe’s lupus make their loyalties to the Lodge of the Moon.

Lodge of the Sun
Created in response to the formation of the Lodge of the Moon, the Lodge of the Sun concerns itself with the material world: history and current affairs, inter-sept and inter-tribal relations, tracking the movements of the Enemy, and the like. Its methods are order and reason, and the lodge is dominated by homids.

Of the thirteen tribal Houses that once existed, only seven remain: Seven Silver Fang leaders guiding the destiny of the tribe from around the globe; seven Silver Fang families, each with their own perspective on how the tribe — and the Nation — should be run.

House Austere Howl (Great Britain)
Austere Howl has recently been savaged by allegations of corruption and Wyrm-taint through sacrificial Hellfire Club rituals amongst their Kinfolk. Their Queen has disappeared and the House scrambles to try to redeem itself.

The Blood-Red Crest (Asia and India)
For thousands of years, The Blood-Red Crest was the tribe’s only successful foothold in the East. Now, plagued by infertility, The Blood-Red Crest teeters on the edge of wholesale Harano.

Clan Crescent Moon (Russia)
Preferring to refer to themselves as a Clan rather than a House, Crescent Moon relies on codes set by their history and ancient tradition more than most do, which has led to both their downfall and their rebirth.

House Gleaming Eye (Northern Europe)
Calculating, ruthless, and more than a little mad, House Gleaming Eye watches the rest of the tribe (and the Nation) with a vigilant gaze. Their inquisitors seek to root out any Wyrm-taint within the tribe before it can become an epidemic.

House Unbreakable Hearth (Canada and American Midwest)
Priding itself on its role as an inter-tribal facilitator, Unbreakable Hearth has done little recently to quell the conflicts raging across North America, instead turning insular after an unknown foe destroyed several of its main caerns.

House Wise Heart (Mediterranean and Middle East)
Long considered to be a bastion of wisdom within the tribe, Wise Heart has begun hoarding their secrets even more closely of late, leading some to suspect they may be dabbling in knowledge Garou were not meant to know.

House Wyrmfoe (American Northeast)
The most modern tribal House, Wyrmfoe is known for its mavericks: its bold and individualistic kings. They rely more on their own instinct and wits than on tradition.


STARGAZERS (W20 pgs. 100-101)

Ascetics who seek to master their own Rage, the Stargazers wander the world striking at the Wyrm wherever they find it.

Stargazers of the Rockies

The Stargazers have a strong influence in Denver since the 1940’s especially in Southwest Denver and off Federal Blvd, but they have not forgotten Denver’s strikes against their kinfolk. The Stargazers have seen the Anti-Chinese Riots of 1880’s to the KKK Uprising in the 1920’s to the Japanese Internment Camp in Colorado. They have seen the darker side of Colorado towards their kind, but since standing with the Glass Walkers and Fianna for control of Denver in the 1920’s. Yet with the increase of the Southeastern Asian immigrants and others the Asian population has grown in Denver. Denver Buddhist Temple amongst others have sprouted throughout Denver, Boulder and other areas.


There are probably no more than 20 or so Stargazer Garou in all of Colorado with their Kin Folk numbers growing in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.


Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs

Appearance: Stargazers with strong Pure Breed run toward leaner, lighter builds in their wolf forms. Their coats come in a variety of grays and a few blacks, with a faint striping or brindling in some individuals.
Character Creation: Stargazers encourage the development of Mental Attributes. The Mentor Background is common. The tribe’s asceticism means that Stargazers with Fetishor Resources are rare; they also avoid the emotional bonds of Allies when they can.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Allies, Fetish, and Resources are discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Balance, Channeling, Falling Touch, Iron Resolve, Sense Wyrm
Tribal Weakness: OBSESSIVE MIND GAMES: Failed Enigmas roll causes obsession with Mystery until they solve the mystery. They suffer +1 Difficulty on Initiative Rolls and +1 Difficulty Perception Rolls


UKTENA (W20 pgs. 102-103)
Mysterious and mystical, the Uktena are a tribe of outsiders charged with guarding the resting places of many powerful Banes, though this taints them by association.

Uktena of the Rockies

While most of Colorado were ruled by the Wendigo tribes such as the Cheyenne and Ute, the Uktena had their own influence with the Pueblo and Navajo for example. The Uktena unlike the Wendigo interbred with the Hispanic population, while the Wendigo remained “pure”.

The Uktena had several caerns in Colorado none more prized than what is now known as the Garden of the Gods Caern in Colorado Springs. The Uktena say it was stolen as it was one of the Caerns that fell to the European Garou especially the Silver Fangs. The Uktena are believed to have still some secrets in the area and keep a close watch on their former Caern even though the Silver Fangs allowed them membership when the Penumbral Strom during the Wyld West nearly destroyed the world, it was their ancient rite that helped defeat the Penumbral Storm once and for all, even though the Silver Fang Jacob Morningkill is said to have been the one to innact it.


Uktena have a fair number of their Kin Folk and Garou, but still feel the sting from the Culling in the late 1800’s.


Pueblo, Northern New Mexico, San Luis Valley, Manitou Springs amongst others.

Appearance: Uktena Pure Breed often manifests as reddish-black fur, and many have a distinct resemblance to red wolves. The tribe is a peculiar mishmash of Native American and various dispossessed ethnicities, and many members have a penchant for occult trinkets from a wide range of traditions.

Uktena Native American Tribes of the Rockies:
1. Pueblo Tribes (Uktena)
2. Shoshone Tribe (Uktena)
3. Navajo Tribe (Uktena)

Character Creation: Uktena value high Mental Attributes, the better to perceive and master their many spiritual advantages. Occult is quite common among the tribe, and Uktena tend to learn rites and pick up fetishes whenever they can.
Initial Willpower: 3
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Sense Magic, Sense Wyrm, Shroud, Spirit of the Lizard, Spirit Speech
Tribal Weakness: INTENSE CURIOUSITY: Become Easily Obsessed with learning Secrets. When they learn that someone knows something they don’t they become distracted until able to get the secret. They suffer +1 on Difficulty on all Willpower Rolls and +1 Difficulty on all Social Rolls and -1 Difficulty to Frenzy.


h3.WENDIGO (W20 pgs. 104-105)

The only tribe made up of primarily Native American werewolves, the Wendigo are cold and insular, guarding their caerns against even other Garou.

Wendigo of the Rockies

Before the European Garou came and stole their lands, Colorado was Wendigo Territory. With the War with the European Garou and the Penumbral Storm, the Wendigo suffered greatly at the hands of Europeans. The Cheyenne Massacre at Sand Creek drove the Cheyenne Wendigo away from Colorado into what is now Wyoming.

Several Native American Tribes of Wendigo ancestry exist, but only the state of Colorado recognizes the Ute as their one true Tribe not even one of the Uktena Native Tribes are recognized as well.

Regardless, the Ute Wendigo have adapted surprisingly well in the Modern times on their reservation. The Ute Wendigo although broken have started to heal and work towards modernizing even with their traditional values and entrepreneur attitude providing for their people. Some Wendigo believe the Ute are modernizing too quickly.

The Wendigo Cheyenne and Arapaho of Wyoming have maintained the more traditional view of the Wendigo unlike their Ute kin.


There are maybe over 50 Wendigo Garou between Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico.


The biggest concentration are the Cheyenne and Arapaho live in the Red River Reservation of Wyoming and the Ute in the San Luis Valley of the Southern Ute Reservation.

Appearance: The Wendigo are not as ethnically mixed as other tribes: they are almost exclusively born to native peoples of North America, particularly in the north. Wendigo with strong Pure Breed are clean-limbed, strong timber wolves that with coats in varying shades of gray.

Wendigo Native American Tribes of the Rockies:
1. Apache Nation (Wendigo)
2. Arapaho Nation (Wendigo)
3. Cheyenne Nation (Wendigo)
4. Ute Nation (Wendigo)

Character Creation: Wendigo are a hardy, warlike group; strong Physical Attributes are prominent among the tribe. They favor Abilities that are most useful for war and the hunt, and there are precious few Wendigo that don’t have at least a dot in Survival.
Initial Willpower: 4
Backgrounds: Contacts and Resources are discouraged.
Beginning Gifts: Beat of the Heart-Drum, Call the Breeze, Camouflage, Ice Echo, Resist Pain
Tribal Weakness: WHEEL OF THE SEASONS: Weakness varies by Season-
SPRING: +1 Difficulty to all Willpower Rolls, the vibrancy of life distracts the Wendigo.
SUMMER: -1 Difficulty on to all Frenzy Rolls, summer is the traditional season of war.
FALL: +1 Difficulty to Change Forms, the world slows down in autumn and fewer new things are born
WINTER: -1 Difficulty on all Soak Rolls, winter is the Wendigo’s season and they use their hate and anger to fortify themselves during this time.


WHITE HOWLER (W20 pgs. 392-393)

The White Howler have never fully recovered when a majority of their fell to the Wyrm. While their Fianna brothers seemed to flourish and are known for their reputation as Celtic Warrior Bards, the White Howler are much more solemn than their brothers following their darker Scottish ways. The Howlers as a tribe has never fully forgiven the Fianna for failing to aid them in their need. Because of what is known as the “Great Curse”, when many of the White Howlers were lost to the Wyrm walking the Spiral becoming the Black Spiral Dancers. This is why many Tribes in the nation do not trust the Howlers to this day, but at least some say they are not the Bone Gnawers.

The White Howlers came to the United States to start anew like many of their immigrants and to find a way of redemption for their Tribe. The idea of redeeming themselves has helped the myth of the overconfident Scottish Warrior willing to take on any challenge regardless of the cost (or stupidity). Even if he knows he will lose.

This made the Howlers not very popular for the Native Garou as the White Howlers saw an enemy that they could prove themselves to the Garou Nation. This has made the White Howlers not very popular with the Native Garou i.e Uktena & Wendigo to this day.

Not only was a new start for the White Howlers in the United States but also a chance of finding lost magic and other places that might save their brotheren from the Spiral Curse.

White Howlers of the Rockies

Traveling with their kinfolk, the White Howler along with the Fianna followed the Iron Riders to the Colorado looking for work but also for lost and powerful places to make their own.

Many White Howlers ventured out into the mountains more so than most Tribes other than the Native Garou of the area. They fought over land and territory eventually setting themselves up and their kinfolk in the town of Estes Park and surrounding small towns. To the ire of the Wendigo and Uktena in the mountains.

The White Howlers know their numbers are small compared to the other Tribes and are very certain of keeping their kin folk safe no matter what the cost. Even looking for dark forgotten areas of the lost Croatan Tribe that many Garou even the Native Garou have forgotten.


Their numbers are small but scattered around Colorado unlike the Fianna whose numbers are more swelled. Many think there are more White Howlers than there are in Colorado, but even their Tribe Elders seem to keep that quiet from the rest of the Septs.


They are scattered throughout Colorado but their major influence is in Estes Park and surrounding areas.

Appearance: Strong White Howler Pure Breed manifested itself as a flawless white pelt. They were a sturdy but agile tribe, with almost panther-like grace in their animal forms. They were also fond of woad and spiral tattoos to distinguish themselves. They were all but exclusively Pictish by birth, save for a few “accidents” with neighboring peoples.

Kinfolk & Territory: The White Howlers were once the strongest in the British Isles, particularly the northern reaches of Caledonia. They were closely tied with the fortunes of their Pictish Kinfolk. They tended toward a stronger homid than lupus bent, though they guarded several packs of wolves.
The stern eye they kept on their Kinfolk doomed many of their unfortunate Kin when the Fall came; but many of the survivors were swiftly able to save some of their wolf-blooded relatives from breeding with the Black Spiral Dancers. The ones who escaped were few in number.

Tribal Totem: Lion, specifically the European lion of times past. Lion taught his children great fellowship and greater pride. In modern times. The White Howlers also followed a variety of other totems, from natural beasts such as Carrion Bird to strange mythic beasts such as Kelpie and the Cairn-Rattler.

Character Creation: The White Howlers were a boisterous, warlike tribe. They favored strong Physical Attributes and similarly physical Abilities. Many were excellent trackers; Perception and Survival were especially favored Traits.

Initial Willpower: 3

Background Restrictions: No restrictions.
Beginning Gifts: Blood Scent, Death Sight, Desperate Strength, Haunting Howl, Primal Anger, Sense Wyrm, Shining Sigils


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