Welcome to the Mile High City, Young One.

The city’s Sept is run by the Glass Walkers, they have been control of the city since the pioneer days. Today the Weaver is just an intertwined in the city especially the World Wide Web through out. The Glass Walkers claim this city is a Utopia of Garou Glass Walker City Design, controlled city expansion. Their City Farmers Camp are reclaiming of old forgotten sections recycling them making them anew. The Corporate Wolves Camp control DTC area, an area mixed with business buildings and greenery through out. Their Random Interrupt Camp is rumored to run the mysterious World Wide Web, where it is rumored there is a gateway to another realm of the Umbra. Let not the Glass Walkers fool you, their Wise Guy Camp also try to rule the city’s underworld as they battle with control against the Shadow Lords and others.

Other Tribes have flourished as well, the Bone Gnawers have also made residence in the city possibly the second biggest Tribe size in Mile High. The old belief that the Bone Gnawers take the scraps the Glass Walkers leave behind seem to push this belief. As the Urban Sprawl of Denver seems to make the Urban wolves of the city grow. The Bone Gnawers can be found everywhere in the city with their concentrations found from Colfax to the 16 Street Mall. Even though the Glass Walker’s City Farmers may have reclaimed and turned old buildings into new urban areas for the wealthy they still have not been able to displace the Bone Gnawers who hold onto what they believe is their territory for years. This ironically has created strong tension between the Glass Walkers and the Bone Gnawers some say for the Heart of the City.

With the massive size of the Urban Sprawl make no mistake the other tribes have strong and powerful influence in the city. The Silver Fangs have set up residence in The Cherry Hills area, a private area gated from the rest of Denver for the old and wealthy, while many of the wealthy Garou may set up residence their it is no argument that the Cherry Hills and Cherry Creek area are Silver Fang territory. The surrounding area around the Governor’s Mansion known as Washington Park is a disputed area between the Glass Walker, Silver Fangs and the Shadow Lords.

Golden and Arvada seem to have a strong ties of control for the Shadow Lords especially around 68th and Wadsworth. Denver’s large German population has the Shadow Lords having control of the most territory of the area other than their main rivals the Glass Walkers. The Shadow Lords and the Glass Walkers don’t get along especially with the rise of the Sept Theurge, a Metis known as Ghost-In-The-Web. A sign the Shadow Lords claim that the Glass Walker tribe are losing control of the city. The Get of Fenris agree as they believe the Glass Walker Theurge should had been killed at birth. It is believed that the Glass Walker Theurge’s father may have been a Get of Fenris. Regardless the Shadow Lords are the biggest rivals of the Glass Walkers for the power of the Sept and Caern in all business both legitimate and underworld.

The Fianna came with their Irish Immigrants that helped found the city of Denver laying down the tracks that brought the early Iron Riders (today’s Glass Walkers) to the city. All through out Denver the strong Irish influence of the city is well known. The Fianna and the Glass Walkers until the 1920’s fought for the soul of Denver until the rise of the Get of Fenris and some Shadow Lords, who saw the chance to take the city for themselves. With the rise of the the anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic sentiment in Denver of the time and Denver being the central power of the Klu Klux Klan, the Glass Walkers and Fianna found a common enemy against the KKK exposing the Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords behind it. The War for Denver had the Glass Walkers and Fianna becoming allies and the agreement of protecting the city. The Fianna gained equal power in Denver. The War for Denver still has the Fianna not forgetting the Get and the Shadow Lords making the Fianna traditionally in Denver one of the Glass Walkers’ biggest allies.

The Get of Fenris have grown of late in Denver with the rise of a more militant base in the city. They control parts of Arvada as their very own. The Glass Walkers and the Fianna have not forgotten how the Get of Fenris nearly took over the city. The Get of Fenris followed their immigrants to Denver as did the Fianna and some Get claim they were in Denver before its name. The Get of Fenris feel that the Glass Walkers and Fianna are interlopers on their city. They have fought against the Natives of the land of the Uktena and Wendigo decent and drove out the massive growing Asian populace during the 1880s in the afternoon of October 31st. This celebration is still remembered to this day to the anger of the Stargazers and Asian Glass Walkers and Uktena of the city. No surprise the growing militia and Neo Nazi movements in Denver and surrounding areas one would find the Get of Fenris. Now not to say all Get of Fenris are antigovernment Neo Nazi thugs, but there are a lot of them.

The Stargazers have a strong influence in Denver since the 1940’s especially in Southwest Denver and off Federal Blvd, but they have not forgotten Denver’s strikes against their kinfolk. The Stargazers have seen the Anti-Chinese Riots of 1880’s to the KKK Uprising in the 1920’s to the Japanese Internment Camp in Colorado. They have seen the darker side of Colorado towards their kind, but since standing with the Glass Walkers and Fianna for control of Denver in the 1920’s. Yet with the increase of the Vietemese immgrants and others the Asian population has grown in Denver, Denver Buddhist Temple amongst others have sprouted through out Denver.

When people enter Denver area they hear about the “Independent Republic of Boulder”, which is not too far from the truth. The home of the University of Colorado is also where the Children of Gaia claim their land. The often hippy to hipster art culture of the area has been a reflection of the Children of Gaia for decades. The Children of Gaia have mixed feelings with the Garou Glass Walker central ruling of Denver. Denver has controlled their growth not expanding as much as it could have, but the Weaver they believe has set its roots in the city. The Glass Walkers talk of tolerance, which attract the Child of Gaia but they are weary of the city.

What was the first state in the United States to allow women to vote, the answer is Colorado and that is no doubt because of the strong feminist base in Colorado to this day founded by the Black Furies. The Furies and their Suffergate Movement had the support of the Iron Riders at the time, why argue with progress? This alliance helped push women’s rights in Colorado and one would think this would make the Glass Walker and Black Furies closer, but the Glass Walker’s push of technological (Weaver) in the city. Even though the Glass Walkers have tried to tie down technology and expanding, the Black Furies believe that they have not gone far enough. Although not enemies the two sides have cooled over time.

Red Talons if any Tribe openly hates the Glass Walker control it is the Red Talons and they have not let anyone forget it. The rabid hunting of wolves to near extinction has not left the Talon’s minds as this was part of the Two-Leg Progress. Even though the Glass Walker and others have reintroduced wolves fighting for the conservation of the Talons, the Talons view themselves as kept animals blaming much of their issues on one of their most hated enemies.

Welcome to the Mile High City, a City run by the Garou

Colorado is prospering under Glass Walker rule, but not everyone is happy with this. Some Garou believe they should separate themselves from the Mile High Sept taking part of the North for themselves, but with the Wyrm’s presence so close in the riddled Wyrm infested area of New Mexico with some of the Wyrm’s strongest strange holds against Gaia and a Black Spiral Hive not that far away. The Glass Walkers have shown their strong leadership so far after the Silver Fangs failed in the area and are pushing back the Wyrm successfully by putting down the Leeches and their Queen in the city of Denver orchestrated by the Corporate Wolf Glass Walker, Maximillion Hardcastle earning his Garou Name “Max-The-Mind”.

The Leech Queen’s legacy still haunts the Garou, when she came to power she orchestrated a great hunt against the wolf and thus the lupus of many of the Tribes this ended in 1945 when the last wolf was believed killed in 1945. The Red Talon have been put to near extinction in Colorado, because of the Leech Queen’s agenda against the wolves of Colorado. To this day no wolves are in the state except those saved by their Human and Garou kin and the Red Talon seem to have abandoned the area or lay hidden away for they had no Homid kin or Garou to help them survive.

Denver is still a battle ground as Commerce City is still infected with the Wyrm and some believe something might be there. The Garou seem to contain what is there but something is there. Darkness of some evil left by the Leech Queen may be hidden in Commerce City. Something evil that the Garou may not be ready for.

Yet, some Theurges whisper the Weaver’s webs are growing stronger in Denver. Something is not right in some areas of the city and the Glass Walkers may be holding a dark secret about the city and its link to the Umbra. That the Glass Walkers for their success may have endangered the whole area. Others say that nothing has been right since the Red Circle first appeared in the Umbral sky. Some Silent Striders have claimed to see strange glyphs in areas in the Deep Umbra. Others claim this as nonsense.

The Umbral Storms in the area seem to have increased since the Red Sun in the Umbra has been around for over 15 years now. Many Garou thought this would be the end the Apocalypse, but instead something strange happened. The Garou started to prosper again. Some say the mystics of Uktena seem to know something of the Red Sun but seem to either be keeping this to themselves or do not know. The Spirit World has not been the same since.

The rumor of a perfect Metis born to two Metis over 15 years ago when the Red Circle first appeared has been dismissed by the elders as a fool’s belief as a child such as this would have already been found (and some say destroyed). Yet the Fianna seem to possibly have a secret themselves.

The Silver Fangs old control in Colorado Springs is still there in what the Kiawa and Ute Wendigo call a stolen Caern which is called the Garden of the Gods Caern. The Silver Fangs hold onto their control in Colorado Springs vigorously for they have protected the Garou in Colorado (the Uktena and Wendigo disagree) for hundreds of years. The rumor that a Pack was mysterious lost in Manitou Springs has made it important to put in a new Pack to keep the territory to keep their establishment.

A young Pack is about to embark on finding the truths of their State battling enemies old and new, while finding out what it truly means to be Garou.

Rage Across The Rockies

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